Are you ready to earn consistent 6-figures writing rankable, profitable, and SEO-focused content?

Introducing the Dominate Google Accelerator, the only content-focused SEO course you’ll need to get paid premium rates, deliver profitable content, and be recognized as a go-to SEO content expert.

I know… 2020 hasn’t been exciting.

All those “bring it on” posts at the start of this year have probably turned into “just let me get out of this year alive (at the very least)“!

Raise your hand if you are:

A content writer

tired of writing those extra few thousand words to reach your monthly income goal

A parent

looking for a work-from-home career to cut the daycare expense and never miss your little one's milestones again

A blogger

struggling with fresh content ideas (and don't even get me started with your ZERO affiliate sales)

A clueless character

wanting to quit your 9-5 but can't because you don't know how or where to start

You’re bombarded with these many work-from-home options, drawn to the next shiny object, defeated because you just couldn’t find the “one”.

All these while other people are showing up confidently, selling their service like hotcakes, and earning figures you can only dream about.


You’ve probably heard this many times… but the answer is easy. They have found their niche and stuck to it.


But hey, I’m multi-passionate. I don’t have to niche down!

I can say yes 👏 to 👏 all 👏 the 👏 clients!

Hey, I feel you. I’m multi-passionate, too.

And it took years before I was able to find the niche that I was so passionate about, I forgot about the rest.

It was 2015 when I quit my teaching job at the university. Unlike most digital entrepreneurs, I didn’t hate my 9-5 (10-7 if we’re being technical).

I always wanted to be a teacher — and being one in one of the biggest universities in the country? Why not?

Pay was good.

Work load was tolerable.

People were awesome.

But I had to quit to focus on building my little family.

For a time, we struggled to make ends meet with my husband’s income. We lived with my sister. We had to delay getting a car — all because we literally had nothing in our bank accounts.

That’s when I tried venturing into something I had no idea about — online work. And by work, I meant full-time, 40 hours a week (sometimes more, doing something I had to learn from scratch.

I became an academic writer, a medical writer, a blog writer, an e-commerce writer, an adult tweet writer (#truestory), a virtual assistant, a customer service rep…

Sometimes all of these at once.

Only to get paid $400 per month.

My mindset was more job = more money! (somehow true if you’re willing to work all day every day)

But over the years, I learned that real experts earn 6-figures not by working 80-hour weeks.

They earn 6-figures because they make their hours count.

If you’re an expert, working more hours isn’t the answer to earn more money.

It’s focusing on a specialized skill that clients are willing to pay good money for.

And when I started focusing on my zone of genius and blocking out all the other shiny things, that’s when I turned it all around!

I was able to increase my monthly income by 321% in 3 months, and eventually by a total of 661% another 2 months later.

And guess what — everything happened during the pandemic!

While everyone was on lockdown, I consistently get asked over DMs:

Hey Joice, how do I start working from home? Where do I begin?

To help these people out, I built a community. I mentored people. I wrote a book.

But I realized that I need to drill it down further to really make a change.

And the Dominate Google Accelerator was born.

Let’s pause for a little bit and picture this:

You’re working 4 hours a day in the comfort of your home (or wherever in the world sans the pandemic), living your dream life, creating something you’re truly proud of, and connecting with clients and colleagues who value your work.

All possible in the Dominate Google Accelerator.

The goal is simple:

To teach you a specialized skill that can help you hit your income goals consistently while helping clients improve their ranking and increase their affiliate sales!




$147 (P7,000)


Three reasons:

One, this is the first time I’m offering this course and my main goal is to mentor people who are willing to do the work and give me honest feedback on their journey.

I’m offering this now at a highly discounted price so I can get more people in. I will be releasing the evergreen, fully recorded course in March 2021 (which you will also have access to), and it will be priced at $297.

Two, all the course modules for this batch will be done LIVE, which means your questions will be answered live as well. 

I don’t normally go LIVE longer than 30 minutes on a normal day, but with the Dominate Google Accelerator, we’ll go through everything in detail and I’ll answer your questions real-time — no one’s going to leave the session confused!

And three, with this pandemic going on, this is your final change to end 2020 strong and crush your career, income, and family goals while looking forward to a fresh 2021!


Unsure if this course is for you? Read through these to find out.


The Dominate Google Accelerator is for content writers who are looking to offer SEO as a specialized service, for bloggers who want to boost their affiliate sales to 5 figures, and for anyone who’s willing to learn a highly profitable skill that they can do remotely!


If you feel you need more help to get your SEO content writing career started, I’ll offer you an exclusive 1:1 coaching call to give your the support you need.


The class will run from November 20 until December 11 (1 LIVE module every Friday). As soon as the classes start, you will have access to the SEO tools until December 20. Other bonuses will be provided after the LIVE modules are completed.


The LIVE module recording will be available inside the DGA Inner Circle Facebook group. You can watch the recording and ask questions in the group, where I will be actively answering them daily.


Feel free to send an email to for any other questions and concerns!